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  • '✦, [Jσdч] '✦,
  • 30 years old
  • сυłιιснι Tσฟη*~
  • Mexico
['вŁącƙ ɑɳđ ωħɩtƏ'] '☯,
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Vampire's Black Club (Arquiteta), Red Moon Club Upstairs, Snooker Rock Bar (Majestade), Soledad ~ (Mi_vaco), Trainning Room (Hispanic Team) (Directora), ⓘ Salón de Información y Ayuda (Gerente_Comunidad-ES), LoungeCreative (Boss), Club LGTB (Dona), ☑ Meetings - expectativa - (Gerente_Comunidad-ES), ✆ expectativa's Office (Gerente_Comunidad-ES)


Full Name
'✦, [Jσdч] '✦,
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On my way ...
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сυłιιснι Tσฟη*~


About me
I'm a nice girl with single hobbies, nothing else to say just... know me! n.n// Soy una chica agradable con gustos propios, nada más que decir sólo.. Conóceme!
The types of people I want to meet
Doesn't Really matter...
What is romantic
Love it self... // El amor en sí mismo
I'm Community Manager of Club Cooee and i'll be here to help you if you need it, actually i speak 3 languages: Spanish (native), English and Portuguese (learning). // Soy Gerente de Comunidad de Club Cooee y estoy para ayudarte si lo necesitas, puedes contactarme en 3 idiomas: Español (mi lengua), Inglés y Portuguese (principiante).
Favorite Quote
"To Be Or not to Be" // "Ser o no Ser"
What makes you angry
The People who Blame me without reason...!// La gente que me culpa sin razón...!
The best thing that happened to you
The best thing in the virtual world is when i met True Friends in this club *-* // La Mejor cosas en el mundo virtual es cuando conocí Amigos Verdaderos en este club *-*


Music, Reading, Writting ! // Música, Leer, Escribir!
Favorite Music
Metal, classical, electronik, pop!...[Epica, Nightwish, Within temptation, Delain, Evanescence, Sirenia, Warcry, Haggard, Therion, etc.]
Favorite TV Shows
Dr. House, Friends, E.R., Medical detectives, Law and Order.
Favorite Books
Joan of Arc, books about the jewish holocaust, shakespeare, all about vampires from Ann, Rice...
Favorite Movies
Joan Of Arc, Romeo And Juliet, Lost & delirious, my best friend's marriage, Girl interrupted, Mulan, a place called Nothing Hill, & All about jewish Holocaust!!
What I don't like
Sea food, onions & tomatoes. Personal things?, I am not telling you, :3 // Mariscos, cebollas y tomates. Sobre cosas, personales? no te diré nada, :3
Favorite Games
Club Cooee, Perfect Dark, Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Age of Empires II, The Sims, S4 league...
Places I visited
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Porterville, Fresno, Walnut (all of these in, CA, USA) Puebla, Guadalajara, San Juan de los Lagos, Sonora, Edo. de México, Morelia, Pátzcuaro, Quiroga, San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo (All of these, in México). Tenerife (canary island, from Spain)
Places I want to visit
Soria, Spain. Cartagena, Colombia. Santiago, Chile. Rio de janeiro, Brazil. Hell.
Joan Of Arc.
Favorite Brands
Does it matter? I use, what make me confortable :)//, Acaso importa? Uso lo que, me haga sentir cómoda.
Favorite Cities
San Juan De Los Lagos, Jalisco. Porterville, CA.
Favorite Actor/Actress
Tom Hanks, Milla Jovovich, Piper Perabo, Drew Barrymore, Wynona Rayder, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, ...etc
Chat with interesting people and, learn something new... // Charlar, con personas interesantes y aprender, cosas nuevas...